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Writer Marketplace 2015


The Writer Marketplace enables authors to promote their books without the expense and time commitment of an exhibit booth. It will be listed in the program and the Festival website, and promoted along with other features of the Festival.

Questions about the Writer Marketplace should be directed to Kathleen Folbrecht at (262) 521-5201 or kathleen.folbrecht@uwc.edu.

Saturday, November 7, 8:30AM-12:00PM

  • Julianne Carlile
    The Little Red Hound General (Fiction)
  • Beth Christiansen
    Daily Meditations (Spirituality)
  • Terri Enghofer
    A Lump In The Road (Memoir)
  • Mary Gover Gray
    Dixie Doodle the Helper Poodle (Children’s Picture Book)
  • Ann Graf
    Love…The Illusion (Romance)
  • Katie Kolberg Memmel
    Five Fingers, Ten Toes (Memoir)
  • Kathy Lanzarotti and Pam Parker
    Done Darkness: An Anthology of Life After Sadness (Anthology)
  • Gertrude Payton
    A Caregiver’s Journey (Non-Fiction/Self-Help)
  • Christine Schimpf
    Nick, The Journey of a Lifetime; The Ticket (Romance)

Saturday, November 7, 12:30PM-4:00PM

  • Malinda Andrews
    Through The Mountains (Fantasy/New Adult Fantasy(
  • Bev Davis Great Gray
    Exceeding “No” Expectations (Children’s Book)
  • Mary S. Hanson
    A Moment In Time (Non-Fiction)
  • Tea Krulos
    Heroes In The Night, Monster Hunters (Non-Fiction)
  • Shelia Payton
    What Counts Most is How You Finish: Thoughts on Living Life to the Fullest (Motivational)
  • Gertrude Payton
    A Caregiver’s Journey (Non-Fiction/Self-Help)
  • Karen Schlindwein and Amalie Bowling
    Dear Lois: Out Adoption Journey (Family/Christian/Parenting)
  • Richard Thieme
    FOAM, UFOs and Government, Mind Games (Fiction, Non-Fiction)
  • Janet Tlachac-Toonen
    Sidney The Bear, The Great Caterpillar Caper, The Eggstra Special Family (Juvenile Fiction)
  • Diane Valentine
    Daring to Soar, Family Secrets (Main Stream)

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