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Live Art @ the 2015 Festival


New to the Festival of Books this year!
Come watch “live art” being made by local artists Trevor Huskey and Arthur Mohagen!

Saturday, November 7, from 9 am to 3 pm

FORAMEN 6Trevor Huskey creates intricate and compelling photo collages from recycled material. He will provide a live demonstration of his creative process on site Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm and offer people the chance to make their own collages as well.  Supplies will be provided but feel bring old photos of any quality (sometimes blurriest ones work best!) and/or book covers to turn into fascinating works of art. Mr. Huskey will offer assistance with the collages at no cost and have a display of his artists’ books and other art work available for purchase.


“The one problem with putting words in artwork, is that people read them.”

Arthur Mohagen’s drawings are an autobiographical extension of his interest in American iconography and the printed word. Reflecting back on his early exposure to sign painting, drawing, cultural role models, and typography, these drawings trace his interests over his artistic career. In his youth, he developed a love for typography helping his father in the summer months paint signs for area businesses and baseball diamonds. He chose words that hold a traditional meaning, but also contribute to the overall aesthetic and composition of the drawing. Each drawing telling a story, crafted like a novel, illustrates a narrative that is unique to each viewer. Come see his process and product in various stages, including the end results which will be available for purchase.



About the Artists

Trevor Husky


Trevor HuskyTrevor Huskey was born in London England, and grew up mainly on Guam and in Texas. In addition, he has also lived or spent significant time in Afghanistan, Austria, Poland, Germany, Saudi Arabia, New York, Chicago and California.

Mr. Huskey graduated with a BFA from The University of Texas at Austin in 1987 where he studied with Jack Hanley and Peter Saul. In New York, he worked at Ursus Books and five years with Peter Blum (Edition and Gallery), the latter being important in Mr. Huskey embracing his perfectionistic tendencies.

In 1997, Trevor Huskey graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Masters of Science in Social Work, and has been a School Social Worker, Supervisor, and Outpatient Psychotherapist since.

Mr. Huskey’s first love is drawing which he continues work in from time to time, but in the late 90’s he began working on projects with more of a conceptual foundation that has resulted in a range of work in painting, prints, artist’s books, photography, and other media with an emphasis that the work is executed in the most precise manner possible.



Arthur O. Mohagen III


Arthur O. Mohagen IIIAOMIII, or Arthur O. Mohagen III currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin, where he earned his MFA from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2006. Previously, he earned his BFA from the State University of New York – Fredonia, not far from his hometown of Olean, NY. The only son of a high school Art teacher, Arthur has always had an interest in the arts.

AOMIII’s work picks apart common elements of society and popular culture – most often fashion models or rebellious youth – placing them in unfamiliar environments or against unnatural backgrounds. The viewer is confronted immediately by a beautiful face buried in makeup or high fashion, but only later realizes that things are not quite what they appear. Smooth lines, clean surfaces and beautiful faces are a misleading glimpse into AOMIII’s work.

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