The Southeast Wisconsin Festival of Books could not happen without the input and hard work of community members. Volunteers spend months planning, organizing, staging, and finally presenting the Festival.


Candace Decker, UW-Waukesha Staff‘

Event Chairs:

Timothy Thering, UW-Waukesha Faculty, and Duane Stein, Retired Waukesha School District Educator

Advisory Council:

Andrea Bryant, Waukesha Philanthropist; Barb Geiger, Retired County School District Educator; Kathie Giorgio, Allwriters’Workplace & Workshop Program Director & author, Literacy Specialist ; Cathy Kozlowicz, Founding Executive Director of Literacy For All, Inc.; Ellen Langill, History Professor and Author; Grant Lynch, Waukesha Public Library Director; Harry Muir, Former UW-Waukesha Campus Dean; Amanda Payne, Waukesha County Business Alliance; Emily Reddy, Waukesha School District, Literacy Specialist; Elizabeth Ewend, UW-Waukesha Student; Deb Running, UW-Waukesha Foundation Executive Director; Laraine O’Brien, UW-Waukesha Foundation and Founder of Festival; Sue Reihl, Carroll University Librarian; Holly Wehrhahn, UW-Waukesha Continuing Education, Southeast Regional Director

Executive Committee:

Amanda Carron and Kathleen Folbrecht, UW-Waukesha Staff, Exhibits & Writers Marketplace Co-Chairs; Candace Decker, Coordinator; Timothy Thering, Event Co-Chair; Duane Stein, Event Co-Chair; John Klima, Waukesha Public Library and Website/Social Media Chair; Molly Magestro, UW-Washington County Faculty and Program Chair; Elizabeth Ewend, Volunteer Chair; Judy Roller; Lisa Baudoin, Books & Company Owner; Bonnie Birk, UW-Waukesha Foundation Emeritus Board; Greg Ahrenhoester, English, UW-Waukesha Faculty; Steven Decker, Theatre, UW-Waukesha Faculty; Ellyn Lem, English, UW-Waukesha Faculty; Kathy O’Neil, CHC, Director, Corporate Compliance ProHealth Care; Deb Running UW-Waukesha Foundation Executive Director; Laraine O’Brien, UW-Waukesha Foundation and Founder of Festival

Program Committee:

Molly Magestro, Chair; Bonnie Birk; Heather Carroll, UW-Waukesha Faculty; Candace Decker; Genevieve Freese, UW-Waukesha Faculty; Kathie Giorgio; Virginia Jones, Retired Waukesha School District Librarian; Karol Kennedy, Menomonee Falls Public Library Director; John Klima, Associate Director, Waukesha Public Library; Ellyn Lem; Larry Nelson, Waukesha County Board of Supervisors; Laraine O’Brien; Deb Running; Judy Roller; Margaret Rozga, UW-Waukesha Faculty Emerita; Duane Stein

Marketing & Communications:

Candace Decker; Bonnie Birk; Judy Roller; Laraine O’Brien

Website/Social Media:

John Klima


Deb Running, Chair; Laraine O’Brien


Elizabeth Ewend, Chair

Exhibits & Writer Marketplace:

Amanda Carron,UW-Waukesha, and Kathleen Folbrecht, UW-Waukesha, Co-Chairs

Site Planning & Logistics:

UW-Waukesha Staff‘

Administrative Support:

Candace Decker, UW-Waukesha Foundation


Alex Lackore, UW-Waukesha Foundation Treasurer

Authors & Presenters Reception:

Llazar Konda, Meli Bar & Restaurant; Marilyn Lindemeyer

Century Fence Student Essay Contest Judging:

Sharon Wood, Chair; James Boling, David Hackbarth, Larry Nelson, Margaret Rozga, Scott Silet


Country Springs Hotel, Holiday Inn-Pewaukee



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